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The Vanishing HalfBennett, BritLarge PrintFICTION
The Vanishing HalfBennett, BriteBook
Night of the Living DummyStine, R. L.PaperbackFICTION
Head BangersAn APF Sexcapade : A NovelZanePaperbackFICTION
Night of the Living DummyStine, R. L.eBook
Around the Way Girls3PaperbackFICTION
Double Dippin'A NovelHobbs, AllisonPaperbackFICTION
Head BangersAn APF SexcapadeZaneeBook
Escape From HorrorlandStine, R. L.PaperbackFICTION
UnzippedAn Urban Erotic TaleNoirePaperbackFICTION
Project Chick2, What's Done in the DarkTurner, NikkiPaperbackFICTION
An Author's OdysseyColfer, ChrisBookFICTION
The Enchantress ReturnsColfer, ChrisPaperbackFICTION
The Enchantress ReturnsColfer, ChrisBookFICTION
An Author's OdysseyColfer, ChriseBook
Beyond the KingdomsColfer, ChrisPaperbackFICTION
Prince of UnderwhereHale, BrucePaperbackFICTION
Beyond the KingdomsColfer, ChrisPaperbackFICTION
The Land of StoriesAn Author's OdysseyColfer, ChrisPaperbackFICTION
The Land of StoriesThe Enchantress ReturnsColfer, ChrisLarge PrintFICTION
Beyond the KingdomsColfer, ChrisLarge PrintFICTION
The Land of StoriesThe Enchantress ReturnsColfer, ChriseBook
The CrossoverAlexander, KwameBookFICTION
The CrossoverAlexander, KwamePaperbackPZ7.7.A354Cro 2019
Prince of UnderwhereHale, BruceBookFICTION
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