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lulusbook made a comment Aug 30 2017
"Garbage. Totally unworthy of reading. The writer tricked readers by her former job title, yet pity she has nothing to say in her writing. Skip it!" Permalink
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Jun 11 2017
Bride Wars
DVD - 2009
"For heaven's sake, 16 copies of this stupid film were purchased. Who makes the purchasing decisions? Is the money spent on such films our tax money? Please buy some of the really wonderful films from all over the world. For instance, more of t..." Permalink
lulusbook added a title to their In progress shelf Oct 16 2016
A series of self-guided tours around the city of Rome including the Vatican Museum and St. Peter's Basilica, and the ancient ruins.
lulusbook added a title to their For later shelf Jul 22 2016
Beset by the political tension of an unsettled ear, Gandhi calls for British removal from India. Police Superintendent Ronald Merrick arrests an Indian news reporter. Daphne Manner arrives from London. Merrick vents his frustrations on Kumar in a...
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