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Rattusnorvegicus created a list about 2 hours ago
Rattusnorvegicus created a list Oct 23 2020
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CRAFTIVISM: using traditional crafts to send a gentle message

"Embroidery, when you feel like stabbing something a thousand times; patching, when you don't want to feed the consumerism beast; when you want to be one of The Guerrilla Girls but you don't have the gorilla mask."
Rattusnorvegicus created a list Oct 21 2020
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Repair: from the Right to Repair to How Do I Fix This

"Repair saves you money. It saves the environment. And it connects us to our things. Ditch the throwaway economy."
ChiPubLib_Kids created a list
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Oct 21 2020
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Out of the Wild Night

"these ghostly tales will keep you up way past your bedtime."
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