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Graphic Novels that Inspired Movies and TV Shows
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Most people recognize that many of Hollywood's blockbuster superhero films were adapted from the pages of comic books. In the last few years alone we've seen very successful movies featuring Batman, Superman, Spiderman, the Avengers, the X-Men, Ghost Rider, the Green Lantern, and the Fantastic Four. You may not realize that there have been numerous other movies and TV shows adapted from comic books and graphic novels. Here are a few examples of graphic novels available at the Hamilton Public Library that have been adapted for the screen.
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
Whiteout Whiteout
[Volume One]
Book - 2007
741.5973 RUCKA
The Spirit The Spirit
Book One
Book - 2007
DC Comics
741.5973 COOKE
[Volume 1]
Graphic Novel - 2013
Dark Horse Books
741.5973 LENKO
The Losers The Losers
Book One
Graphic Novel - 2010
DC Comics
741.5973 DIGGL
Judge Dredd Judge Dredd
Volume 1
Graphic Novel - 2013
IDW Publishing
741.5973 SWIER
John Constantine, Hellblazer John Constantine, Hellblazer
Original Sins
Graphic Novel - 1992
DC Comics
741.5973 DELANO
Cowboys & Aliens Cowboys & Aliens Graphic Novel - 2011
It Books , Platinum Studios Comics
741.5973 VANLE
Best of American Splendor Best of American Splendor Unknown - 2005
Ballantine Books
741.5973 PEKAR
Road to Perdition Road to Perdition Book - 2002
Pocket Books
791.4375 ROAD COLLI
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life Graphic Novel - 2012
Oni Press
741.5971 OMALL
Red Red Graphic Novel - 2009
741.5973 ELLIS
Persepolis Persepolis Book - 2003
Pantheon Books
741.5955 SATRA
From Hell From Hell
Being A Melodrama in Sixteen Parts
Graphic Novel - 2006
Top Shelf Productions
741.5973 MOORE
The Crow The Crow Graphic Novel - 2002
Pocket Books
741.5973 OBARR
300 300 Graphic Novel - 2006
Dark Horse Comics
741.5973 MILLE
Kick-Ass Kick-Ass Unknown - 2010
Marvel Pub.
741.5973 MILLA
Frank Miller's Sin City Frank Miller's Sin City
[Vol. 3], The Big Fat Kill
Book - 2005
Dark Horse Books
741.5973 MILLE
The Walking Dead The Walking Dead
Vol. 1, Days Gone Bye
Graphic Novel - 2004
Image Comics
741.5973 KIRKM
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Vol. 1, 1898
Unknown - 2000
America's Best Comics
741.5973 MOORE
V for Vendetta V for Vendetta Book - 2008
DC Comics
741.5973 MOORE
Watchmen Watchmen Unknown - 1987
DC Comics
741.5973 MOORE
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