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Best Books of the Decade: Nonfiction
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We've compiled selections from several Best of the Decade lists from sources such as Bookriot, Buzzfeed, Entertainment Weekly, Independent, Lithub, Paste, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and Time Magazine, and the results are in. If you're looking for some great reading suggestions for yourself or your book group, start here.
Title Overview Format & Publisher Call Number
All the Single Ladies All the Single Ladies
Unmarried Women and the Rise of An Independent Nation
Book - 2016
Simon & Schuster
HQ880.4.U6T73 2016
The Argonauts The Argonauts Paperback - 2016
Graywolf Press
PS3564.E4687Z46 2016
Bad Blood Bad Blood
Secrets and Lies in A Silicon Valley Startup
Book - 2018
Alfred A. Knopf
HD9995.H423U627 2018
Barbarian Days Barbarian Days
A Surfing Life
Paperback - 2016
Penguin Books, an imprint of Penguin Random House LLC
GV838.F57A3 2015
Becoming Becoming Book - 2018
E909.O24A3 2018
Behind the Beautiful Forevers Behind the Beautiful Forevers
[life, Death, and Hope in A Mumbai Undercity]
Book - 2012
Random House
HV4140.M86B66 2012
Between the World and Me Between the World and Me Book - 2015
Spiegel & Grau
E185.615.C6335 2015
The Black Count The Black Count
Glory, Revolution, Betrayal, and the Real Count of Monte Cristo
Book - 2012
Crown Pub.
DC146.D83R46 2012
Bloodlands Bloodlands
Europe Between Hitler and Stalin
Book - 2010
Basic Books
The Book of My Lives The Book of My Lives Book - 2013
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
PS3608.E48B66 2013
Braiding Sweetgrass Braiding Sweetgrass Paperback - 2013
Milkweed Editions
E98.P5K56 2013b
Calypso Calypso Book - 2018
Little, Brown and Company
PS3569.E314A6 2018
Citizen Citizen
An American Lyric
Paperback - 2014
Graywolf Press
PS3568.A572C58 2014
Concussion Concussion Paperback - 2015
Random House
RC394.C7L37 2015
Dark Money Dark Money
The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right
Paperback - 2017
Anchor Books
JC599.U5M37 2017
Educated Educated
A Memoir
Book - 2018
Random House
CT3262.I2W47 2018
The Emperor of All Maladies The Emperor of All Maladies
A Biography of Cancer
Book - 2010
RC275.M85 2010
Evicted Evicted
Poverty and Profit in the American City
Paperback - 2016
Crown Publishers
HD7287.96.U6D47 2016
Far From the Tree Far From the Tree
Parents, Children and the Search for Identity
Paperback - 2012
HV888.5.S65 2012
Fear Fear
Trump in the White House
Paperback - 2018
Simon & Schuster
E912.W66 2018
Feel Free Feel Free
Paperback - 2018
Penguin Press
PR6069.M59A6 2018
Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass
Prophet of Freedom
Paperback - 2018
Simon & Schuster
E449.D75B557 2018
Future Sex Future Sex Book - 2016
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
HQ18.U5W57 2016
H Is for Hawk H Is for Hawk Book - 2015
Grove Press
SK321.M24 2015
How Democracies Die How Democracies Die Paperback - 2018
Crown Publishing
JC423.L4855 2018
How to Survive A Plague How to Survive A Plague
The Inside Story of How Citizens and Science Tamed AIDS
Book - 2016
Alfred A. Knopf
RA643.84.N7F73 2016
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Book - 2010
Crown Publishers
RC265.6.L24S55 2010
In the Darkroom In the Darkroom Book - 2016
Metropolitan BooksHenry Holt and Company
PN4874.F385A3 2016
In the Dream House In the Dream House
A Memoir
Book - 2019
Graywolf Press
PS3613.A2725243Z46 2019
The Invention of Nature The Invention of Nature
Alexander Von Humboldt's New World
Paperback - 2015
Alfred A. Knopf
Q143.H9W85 2015
Just Kids Just Kids Paperback - 2010
ML420.S672A3 2010b
Lean in Lean in
Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
Book - 2013
Alfred A. Knopf
HD6054.3.S265 2013
The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up The Life-changing Magic of Tidying up
The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
Book - 2014
Ten Speed Press
TX321.K6613 2014
Love, Nina Love, Nina
A Nanny Writes Home
Book - 2014
Little, Brown and Company
HQ778.7.G7S753 2014
Malcolm X Malcolm X
A Life of Reinvention
Book - 2011
BP223.Z8L57636 2011
Men We Reaped Men We Reaped
A Memoir
Paperback - 2014
Bloomsbury USA
PS3623.A7323Z46 2014
Milk and Honey Milk and Honey Paperback - 2015
Andrews McMeel Publishing, a division of Andrews McMeel Universal
PR9199.4.K377A6 2015
The Mind's Eye The Mind's Eye Book - 2010
Alfred A. Knopf
RC423.S23 2010
The Mother of All Questions The Mother of All Questions Paperback - 2017
Haymarket Books
HQ1155.S668 2017
Negroland Negroland
A Memoir
Paperback - 2015
Pantheon Books
F548.9.N4J44 2015
The New Jim Crow The New Jim Crow
Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness
Paperback - 2012
New Press
HV9950.A437 2012
On Immunity On Immunity
An Inoculation
Book - 2014
Graywolf Press
QR185.3.B57 2014
One of Us One of Us
The Story of Anders Breivik and the Massacre in Norway
Paperback - 2016
Farrar, Straus & Giroux
HV6433.N6S45413 2016
The Order of Time The Order of Time Book - 2018
Riverhead Books
QC173.59.S65R6813 2018
The Other Slavery The Other Slavery
The Uncovered Story of Indian Enslavement in America
Book - 2016
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
E98.S6R47 2016
The Passage of Power The Passage of Power Book - 2012
Alfred A. Knopf
E846.C37 2012
Prairie Fires Prairie Fires
The American Dreams of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Book - 2017
Metropolitan BooksHenry Holt and Company
PS3545.I342Z6455 2017
Pulphead Pulphead Paperback - 2011
Farrar, Straus and Giroux
AC8.S78135 2011
Quiet Quiet
The Power of Introverts in A World That Can't Stop Talking
Book - 2012
Crown Pub.
BF698.35.I59C35 2012
Reasons to Stay Alive Reasons to Stay Alive Paperback - 2016
Penguin Books
PR6108.A39Z46 2016
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