One of the most popular Disney and Pixar films to date, “Finding Nemo” follows the story of a young clownfish who has gotten lost, his father, Marlin, who is searching for him, and a fish Marlin befriends during his search, Dory. Nemo gets lost after he ignores his father’s warning about how dangerous the sea is. Together, Marlin and Dory attempt to find Nemo who has been captured by fishers. Nemo meets other animals after he is abducted and placed in a dentists’ fish tank. They try to plan an escape back to the harbor from which they came. A brilliantly colourful, adventurous film that is still beloved to many children and adults alike.
Rating: 4.5/5
- @JuiceboxZ of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

Finding Nemo is a wonderful tale of adventure about a clownfish named Nemo and the struggles his father goes through to find him and bring him home. Finding Nemo is full of comedy and heartwarming moments. This was an amazing movie to watch when I was a kid, and even now after rewatching it, I still enjoy it. This movie is definitely worth watching and I think this is a film for all ages and definitely a family film. I would rate Finding Nemo 4.5/5.
- @Grimvar of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Finding Nemo combines meaning and fun in this classic story of young, spirited Nemo and his worrisome father Marlin. Nemo is the sole son of Marlin after a shark attack killed his wife and all of the eggs she laid except one; Nemo, and he is all we need to love clownfish and this story. Constantly afraid of losing his only son after his experience with loss, Marlin is overprotective and worried for the first day of school when Nemo sets off quickly in excitement; and his eagerness takes a painful turn when a scuba diver captures him and takes him to a dentist office aquarium. Nemo awakens afraid and unsure, while his father sets out alongside spunky and hilarious Dory to find his son and return him home. A truly heartwarming journey and story of the helplessness of animals, and finding your true home. The characters are balanced with a precision that never has you feeling bored or silly, and I highly recommend this movie for all ages! Rating 5/5
- @jewelreader of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

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