Sol?iaris Solaris DVD - 2002 | Russian

Here's a relevant and true-to-life story that completely validates and justifies my low opinion of 1972's "Solaris".

Of course - As we all know - "Solaris" (the film) was adapted to the screen by director, Andre Tarkovsky from Sci-Fi writer, Stanislaw Lem's 1961 novel of the same name.

So - As the story goes - After a 6-month collaboration - Lem and Tarkovsky's work together ended in a nasty and bitter conflict over unwarranted changes and additions that Tarkovsky was making to the original story.

When interviewed about the split - Lem angrily claimed that Tarkovsky had turned his novel into a flimsy and shallow outer space soap opera.

"He was moving in the opposite direction from my book!" Lem stated.... In other words - Tarkovsky's film ruined the whole essence and philosophical flow of Lem's book.

And, after seeing this grossly over-rated disappointment for myself - I couldn't agree more with Lem in his utter outrage towards Tarkovsky and his precious, little picture.

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