All the Single Ladies
All the Single Ladies Unmarried Women and the Rise of An Independent Nation By Traister, Rebecca Book - 2016

I am a happily single lady and I approve this message! If you're in the demographic being discussed here (which is to say women who for one reason or another who are not married/partnered) nothing here will be news to you. Women are marrying later in life than their parents did and single women outnumber married women in the united states for the first time. It is always affirming to see yourself in a piece of literature but it was also really interesting, and important, to read about women who don't often get any attention. In this case poor women and women of colour. Queer women could have done with a lot more attention but I give the author props for keeping this as even handed as possible.

As much as a lot of it was nothing new to me I am very glad this book exists and I hope people not in the demographic being discussed take a look at it as well.

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