Finally finished this brick of a book!! Took me a looong time.

Maybe it was because I took too long to read it, but Dream of Gods and Monsters felt pretty dragged out. I remember I finally reached the climax, and everything was finally coming to a close, and yet there was still ~200 pages left?? I kept reading (obviously) and it really should have just ended there. There was only one storyline left in those 200 pages, and it was a rather unnecessary storyline...Well, I was interested in that storyline, but it completely didn't tie into the main plot. I thought that it would come into play, but it never did. Instead, it was absolutely separate, and not only was it rather irrelevant, its timeline didn't even match up with the main storyline (it lengthened the novel by 200pgs??)

In this novel, Taylor's excessively flowery language because even more prominent. I would say at 30% of each page is skippable because they are just metaphors, usually about how much fire there is whenever Karou and Akiva are within sight of each other. But it's manageable and I didn't mind that much.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the entire series! Sure, my ratings for each novel decreased slightly as it went on, but it definitely was not a waste of my time. I do not regret reading it and would definitely recommend it to those who like novels such as the Grisha trilogy or Throne of Glass to give it a try.

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