My kids loved this movie, I was the poopy-head that kept muttering “humans will enslave/destroy the yetis, as they have the environment”.

It’s a happy go lucky film about yeti’s in their perfectly ignorant world where peace & prosperity flourish, thinking is suppressed, the elders keep secrets (Moana). Curiosity is dangerous, hence it’s interesting to a few rabble rousers who are considered conspiracy nuts, and banished.

Good for kids, as it shows an ideal situation where bad things happen with knowledge, but everyone turns around and hopes for a better future. Kids should be exposed to idealism, particularly with realist parents like me.

The animation was engaging and the town set up like it was based upon Berk.

The music wasn’t Disney-ballad-awful, but also not at the level of Trolls or Sing.

Overall, a cute movie that my family should have seen without mom the curmudgeon.

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