Migo, Percy and a few other characters get thumped around quite a bit in pratfalling, tumbling ways. Migo crashes down a rocky mountainside, for instance. He and his father bash head-first into that aforementioned large gong, as well as a huge stone column. And Percy's small, vulnerable human size is played for laughs on a couple of bruising occasions—once, for example, when the large Migo tries to revive him and accidentally knocks one of his teeth out. In another scene, an unprotected Percy freezes solid in the icy cold, and Migo "helpfully" tries to thaw him by turning Percy on a spit over a roaring fire.

In other scenes, some yeti accidentally smash a human town and detonate a warehouse full of fireworks. Some of the frightened humans take an openly aggressive stance toward the yetis, pointing guns at a group of the furry beasts and firing at them with an armed helicopter. (The Stonekeeper downs the potentially deadly craft by throwing some of his stones at it.)

We see a carved montage on a stone wall that depicts a battle between humans and yeti. Yeti are shown dead on the ground with spears in them. The Stonekeeper tells a story of how humans killed the yeti and drove them away. A plane crashes into a mountainside and then slips over the side of a cliff to be smashed to bits far below. (Its pilot, however, survives.)

Four or five exclamations of "oh my gosh" join uses of "stupid," "crap," "sucka'," "blimey" and "holy wowness!"

Percy offers to buy someone a drink at a local watering hole called the Yak Shak. We see the guy later with a metal mug in his hand.

Both Migo and Percy get hit by tranquilizer darts. In Percy's case, it knocks him out cold. Migo stumbles around with a slightly loopy stagger after being drugged.

We hear a number of running toilet-humor gags throughout the film. For instance, some yeti members of the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society discover what they consider to be mysterious Smallfoot artifacts—one of which is a roll of toilet paper. They call it the scroll of invisible wisdom. Percy takes that roll off behind a snowbank at one point, and a watchful yeti quips about what happens next (off camera): "It's not wisdom. And it's definitely not invisible."

Several yetis, as well as Percy, tell lies. The movie, however, makes it clear that lying isn't a good or moral choice.

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