Shameless The Complete Seventh Season DVD - 2017

Haven’t you learned by now? After watching 6 shamelessly entertaining seasons of “Shameless”, you should know that things just don’t work out for the Gallaghers, right? Don’t you think that even though they’ve had some bad breaks, they have only themselves to blame for the kind of lives they lead? Now, season 7 is available on DVD and what are you expecting? That Frank will drop his scummy, selfish ways and become Father of the Year? That Fiona will leave behind the family that put the dysfunction in the word dysfunctional, for a home in the burbs with her latest true love and live happily ever after? That Lip will use that giant brain of his and invent the next big internet digital thing, making fat stacks of legal cash? That Ian, as the only Gallagher with a good job, will use his EMT experience as his springboard out of the ‘hood? That Debbie will become more like the sweet little girl she used to be? That Carl . . . well, who knows what could become of Carl? That Liam will become an important part of the story and not just part of the scenery? That the unusual relationship that Kev and V have will not get more unusual? That all the characters are going to realize the errors of their ways, gain control of their self-destructive impulses, and at least try to do the right thing more often than not? C’mon, really? This is what you think? What show have you been watching?

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