The Most Beautiful
The Most Beautiful My Life With Prince By Garcia, Mayte eBook - 2017

This book constitutes a pernicious assault on Prince's character, frankly more dangerous even than the lawsuits Warner Bros. leveled against him over the years. It is a self-serving tissue of lies meant to detract from the enormous accomplishments of one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century, merely in order to aggrandize the insignificant role of a tiny peripheral character who failed even to offer some loyalty in exchange for having been chosen as a companion. Beware: Prince is no archfiend or cheapskate -- he's a man who had to overcome staggering odds in upbringing and circumstance to become the Mozart of modern music. It is clear that Ms. Garcia failed to grasp even the tiniest scintilla of the man's greatness and capture it for a grateful reader. I was deeply disappointed by the writer's ingratitude and base stupidity.

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