Daring to Drive
Daring to Drive A Saudi Woman's Awakening By Sharif, Manal Book - 2017

Words are unable to describe the lives of women in the Middle East, and in this case, Saudi Arabia. Although I have read many books about the plight of Muslim women, I was again horrified by Manal's story. Manal has led us through the unbelievable customs that rule the lives of women in this hugely-wealthy but barbaric and prehistoric society, ruled by men who have absolutely no respect for women. Daughters who are regularly beaten by their fathers or family for reasons beyond comprehension.

Manal has introduced the Western world to the oppressive and cruel dictates of the Muslim man. Yes, there are decent Muslim men; however, they are silent and cowardly in terms of protecting girls and women· Brainwashed and abused, the young women silently submit to this horrific tyranny! Meanwhile, the Imans' self-righteous rants based on the inferiority of women continue. My heart breaks for the girls and women who have been brain-washed into this way of life by parents and religious leaders.

Manal suffered days in prison for DRIVING A CAR! She is a true heroine who fought for the rights of Muslim women to do such a simple thing. Progress is very slow in these backward countries. It is amazing to see the propaganda on TV about Dubai, showing women as medical professionals. After reading this book, one can readily see the absurdity of their actual reality.

North American politicians cozy up to this horrific kingdom based on obtaining money from oil revenues. They show no concern for basic human rights towards women. Shame on them for enabling cruelty and a lack of justice in their oppressive rule.

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