King Arthur
King Arthur Legend of the Sword DVD - 2017

Legend of the Sword tried to combine Ritchie's style of having a London underworld crime drama blended with the King Arthur myth. The results almost reach their mark but don't quite make it. The two concepts don't combine well. The plot elements showing how the Camelot underworld works would've been a great movie if it wasn't taking place Camelot. In fact, we've already seen that movie. We've seen it in Snatch, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, and Rock n Rolla. Likewise, the story showing the fall of Uther, the rise of Vortigern and the dispersing of the Knights of the Round would have also been interesting, if they weren't forced around the London underworld styled criminal plot. There was also a strong vibe that this movie was trying to build a franchise. The goal of the villain, other than ruling, was never explained. Nor was it explained why he would turn evil in the first place. They also left out many of the characters people normally associate with the King Arthur myth, like Guinevere, Lancelot and Merlyn. I don't want to call this movie terrible. If you're a fantasy buff, it's something to watch. If you enjoy Guy Ritche heist/grifting movies, you'll find this one lacking.

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