Three DVD - 2017 | Chinese

This is pretty much a one-trick pony, with everything leading to one climatic scene in the Neurology Patient Observation Area - - or the Wild Bunch at the Victoria Hospital!
Vicki Zhao [Zhao Wei] plays the neurosurgeon who botches every operation [glad I'm not her malpractice insurance agent]; Louis Koo is perfectly cast as the hardboiled police detective and the title derives from a Confucian saying - - no, not the one about female neurosurgeons who should remain at home, but the one about three people walking.
Thankfully, Ms. Zhao the neurosurgeon botches her final operation - - but won't give that away.
Loved the singing during the max mayhem scene by Ivana Wong [Ivana Wong Yuen-chi] - - who has a fantastic voice and is a noted Canadian-HongKongese Cantopop singer-songwriter and actress with one of the most melodic voices around!

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