Kong Skull Island DVD - 2017

That's 2 hours of my life ill never get back. The only way to watch this is free from the library and I'm still not sure id recommend that. I kept feeling sorry for poor Tom Hiddleston who up to this point has done some pretty good movies. Robert Taylor's talent was completely wasted as well. There's a couple of good comic moments by John C. Reilly, but its not enough to improve the quality of this flick. Samuel L. Jacksons character was unimaginative. Bad, evil man. Must kill big monkey. Its just bad, with a bad script and moments that are just ridiculous. One review stated that leaving your brain at the door was a good idea when watching this movie. I agree. You'd think at some point the actors would take a moment while filming this movie and say " This movie is going to suck". Example. A man is getting pulled in all directions by prehistoric birds. They manage to rip off his arm at the shoulder joint, while pulling on his briefcase. Personally I think he would of let go of the briefcase before having his arm ripped off. Silly, illogical moments like that pepper the entire movie. They would of been better to commit to making this a full out comedy.

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