Crazy Rich Asians is a book about insane wealth and the complications that come with it. The story follows Rachel Chu, who is invited by her boyfriend Nicholas Young to spend the summer in Singapore, where he grew up. When she arrives, she is overwhelmed by the mansions, private planes, and lavish designer clothes. “Rich” doesn’t even begin to describe the sheer wealth of Nick’s family. However, Nick’s relatives see Rachel as an unsuitable match due to her middle-class status and fear that she is just looking for money. They devise a plan to end the relationship between Rachel and Nick. Eleanor, Nick’s mother, is appalled when she learns of Nick’s intentions to marry Rachel, and reveals a shocking secret. Rachel must come to terms with this new knowledge and decide how far she want her relationship with Nick to go.

I enjoyed the book. There is a generous dose of amusing banter and a lot of descriptive passages. The drama and displays of ludicrous wealth made it quite entertaining. Some of the characters (such as Nick) didn’t seem very developed or unique, but the plot line was still exciting. Overall, it was a fun read!
-Jacqueline, Grade 10

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