Hensel and Gretel were not helpless little chicks. No, this plucky pair could certainly take care of themselves. They were Ninja Chicks!
When they returned home one day to find that their father had been nabbed by a hungry fox (the same fox who had recently snatched their mother), they sprang into action. The sisters tracked the fox through the dark, tangled wood all the way to his home, a small cottage made of delicious cornbread.
Hensel couldn’t resist the smell of that cornbread. She nibbled at it …. and was promptly grabbed by the fox, who popped her in a cage - along with her parents - for a tasty stir-fry!
Now it was all up to Gretel.
Quickly overpowering the fox with some tricky ninjutsu kicks and throws, she was able to save her family from a scary culinary fate.
Vividly illustrated, this rollicking martial-arts makeover of the traditional Hansel and Gretel story (in which “justice, not dinner, is served”) is told in catchy, rhyming verse.
** Recommended for ages 4 to 7 years.

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