I've tried to trim down my thoughts (and make them a little less heated) and came up with this:

I am not the reader for this type of novel. I like the premise a lot, and I thought the beginning was great- lyrical writing, mystery, a little bit of spookiness- but it fell flat for me SO fast afterward. I lost track of how many times Liesl told us that she was 'plain,' 'invisible,' 'the ugly one with no talent' in the first three chapters. But then- THEN!- this 'tall, elegant stranger,' the 'austere young man,' (lost track of how many times those two phrases were used through the course of the book, too) is MAGICALLY in love with her because of COURSE she THINKS she's plain, but NO NO, THE BEAUTY INSIDE HER IS REAL AND ENCHANTS THE GOBLIN KING (who doesn't have a different name, apparently, thus the TES and AYM descriptors tossed in among "The Goblin King" this and "The Goblin King" that. You would think she would have come up with a nickname.

Liesl struck me as very cold and foolish at the start of the novel, but she only advanced to warm and foolish by the end of the novel.

Once I finished, I realized that this was the type of book I never should have picked up. There was virtually no plot once she went to the Underground, and I learned WAY too much about the way the Goblin King's fluffy hair was somehow elegant and how Liesl was just so amazed by how he possibly loved her and was a good person because of her music. BUT REMEMBER, she isn't pretty or experienced and NO ONE loves her and she cannot ever be happy, okay? We NEVER are allowed to think she's beautiful. Please. I'm so tired of that.

Overall, I thought it was blah. It's not my kind of book, and I guess this is what I get for trying another ultra-hyped book. I'm glad everyone else loves it, though! #BaaBaaI'mABlackSheep

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