I wasn't the biggest fan of this book. Its gotten some amazing reviews elsewhere, and lots of readers have LOVED this title, but it wasn't really for me. For starters, it read and felt more like an adult book, than a young adult one.

The book follows Elizabeth, a girl with the dreams of being a composer, but who has to give up this dream to keep the world from dying. She does this by becoming the Goblin King's bride--but as she spends time with the Goblin King, she realizes the cost to save the world might be higher than she's willing to pay.

It's an interest book, with very descriptive writing. Its VERY VERY heavy on the romance. Almost to the point of gagging. It's also VERY heavy on content that revolves around sex. While nothing is outright inappropriate for a young adult, I would advise readers to at least be aware that this book does have sex in it.

I certainly wouldn't mark this title a must read, but I did finish it.

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