A strange book, for sure. There's mention of Hope's schooling, her family, her friendship with Bill over 20+ years, her husband, her son, some interesting details of plants and trees, her labs.....but nothing about her work, research, lectures, scientific presentations, etc. Although this is a memoir of her working life, there's very little of her work included. For example, we're told in detail of a multi-day car trip to a conference....but not a word about the talk she gave at the conference or how it was accepted by her peers.
I enjoyed the short chapters on plants and trees. I found these very interesting and wish there had been more on this.
I wasn't as interested in her personal life. Hope comes across as rather whiny and woeful at times. However, the stories of her son and husband are touching. Her love for them comes through the pages.
All in all, an okay read but not very engaging most of the time.

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