Scream Video Cassette - 1997

And It All Began With A Scream Over 9-1-1!

Using every slasher-movie cliché in the book, Scream's deadly, blood-drenched story of vengeance and madness worked, for the most part, because it took the time to actually laugh at itself.

Featuring a very strong opening sequence ("Hello? Who's calling?") that literally sent shivers of terror running up & down this viewer's spine (seriously), Scream certainly delivered the horrific goods in the course of its adrenaline-rush story.

Competently directed by Wes Craven, I'd say that Scream and A Nightmare On Elm Street are 2 of this dude's best horror-movie offerings, to date. I can't believe that this movie actually spawned 3 inferior sequels.

My 2 beefs about this film are -

(1) The final sequence (which revealed who was behind these ghastly murders) was too dragged out and this seriously weakened the story's fever-pitch momentum.

(2) Product placement of Chex cereal and Jiffy Pop popcorn lost this film some significant points.

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