1977's "High Anxiety" has got to be one of lamest and most unfunny parody/spoofs that I've ever seen. Considering that these were, indeed, Alfred Hitchcock's films that were the target of this dumb spoof, I'd say the director Mel Brooks really wimped out and missed the mark, big time.

The way I see it - High Anxiety really should have been a literal "scream-fest" of total, non-stop laughter from start to finish. It really should have - Especially when you realistically think about the absolute glut of material that Brooks had at his disposal to work with.

But, with that said - Apparently Brooks spoofed, or parodied, some 20 Hitchcock films here in High Anxiety. But, hey, you could've fooled me on that one - 'Cause I only recognized, maybe, 3 films that were being spoofed. And those 3 were typically - Vertigo, Psycho, and The Birds.

Anyway - (*On a trivia note*) - If you can believe this - Alfred Hitchcock (77 at the time) actually viewed High Anxiety, himself - And (guess what?) - He liked it.

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