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(22)Nothing is real. One's own individual self to oneself is closest to real... and even then, said image of self: of he, of she, of it, is imaginary. The image of supposed self is formed from myriads of senses and thoughts. Even awareness, itself, can be seen as an aggregation of nothingness, it with nothing else to do but become aware of its non-existent self. Or something like that. I dunno for sure... I'm just making this stuff up as I go along... that's what I do... that's what a creator does. Know what I mean?

(23)One's task should be to ask. And to ask oneself: of what does that something mean. "What does that something mean?" And then ask: "of what makes me, me?" Ask. Ask. Ask.

(24)My story, coming from my senses, my thoughts… my story, coming from sapience I have sought… my story, built from what others have built and brought. They influencing my life, they giving me what I got; so as to how I build my house, my home, I build it on my land, my lot, my brain bucket dome.

(25)Prophecies are stories, they inspiring glory and/or terror, too. Find one, though, that best works for you.

(26)Free from enterprising greed, one may rise and find freedom to succeed.

(27)Stoically, I'm the outer, brooding, brainy, batman-type; stoically, I am the one who hides... from outer world and its heavy hypes.

(28)Aesthetically, I'm untouchable; and if I let it, only seeds of greed can bind my mind.

(29)Free yourself; find your freedom; and within your brain bucket dome, build your home, it made from bricks, dreams, stories, and stones.

(30)I am truly, tremendously thankful... this, because: without you... without all of you... story, this story, any story, and all stories, would not be possible. And thereof, without you, I would not know of: story... story, that which governs me and you. So, Thank you.

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