The movie “Frozen” brings back so many childhood memories. It reminds me of times my friends and I used to dress up and create our own magical powers to play around with. I have watched many movies and read many books like that, but I never had the same type of connection I had with this movie. I guess this shows that Disney did a really good job with the imagination used to create this movie. I think that this movie is very nice for children who like magic and cute little characters like Olaf, I will totally recommend to them. Not to mention, this movie is filled with inspiration, lessons, and has a wonder meaning to it. The happy ending is very touching as well. @TheBookieReadingMonster of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

This was an okay movie, but I didn't love it too much. I watched it with some little kids and they seemed to love it. I feel like an older audience wouldn't like this movie too much but little kids would. I like the animation of the movie and the characters were well thought out. Personally, I am not really into animated movies but I am sure little kids especially girls would love this film. One thing I certainly did like about this movie was the fact that it has good lessons for kids to learn. A major one was that one should never give up or let anyone hold them down. I recommend this movie to young kids. I give this movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars -@terrificbooklover of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

This movie is a new addition to the Disney princess saga as it introduces the characters of Anna and Elsa. Elsa discovers from a young age that she has the power to make things freeze, however it was kept a secret for decades in order to protect her sister Anna. However, after everyone finds out about her secret, Elsa flees and sends the kingdom into an eternal winter. Anna must find her sister along with the help of a man named Kristoff and a snowman named Olaf before the kingdom is doomed forever. This movie showcases the true power and bond of a sister-sister relationship, as well as the independence and power that young women have. I would rate this movie 4.5/5 stars and recommend it to children who love magic and wonder. @The_Reviewer of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Frozen is a movie suitable for every age range: it is magical, touching, and meaningful. Elsa is gifted with magic hands that can create ice and snow. One day, she accidentally iced her sister Ana's head and was told to put on gloves and stay more controlled. From then on, her friendship with her sister faded... Elsa wanted to protect Ana. On the day that Elsa becomes queen, since her parents passed away, Elsa gets angry because of Ana's engagement and causes a trauma. She then creates her own ice palace and stays alone after she has iced the whole kingdom. Kind Ana was hurt on that day, but this time, Elsa iced her heart. Ana was then slowly turned into ice... and only true love can melt her down and save her. Ana's fiancé couldn't save her, a guy that he met couldn't either, but Elsa, the one who iced her, was able to melt her down and save Ana. Sometimes a family's love is greater than anything.
- @mockingbird of the Teen Review Board at the Hamilton Public Library

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