Overwhelmed Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time By Schulte, Brigid Book - 2014

I discovered this book on the "Featured" shelf at my local library. I was intrigued by the title and the quotes of praise for it at the front of the book. As a father of two, I was interested to see what the newest research was on how to tame the crazy world most Americans live in now and how to find peace & relaxation on your own terms. The first several chapters are a fascinating look at the statistics and personal responses of women & men living the overwhelmed life - including the author. Many studies and researchers are quoted and the data is staggering about the pressures on young families. One chapter though details how the Danes have created a calmer national culture based on limited work hours, exercise, being out in nature and staying in touch with friends & family. Parts of this lifestyle could be applied here to help us Americans I think. The book loses some momentum around the halfway point for a bit, but picks up again with several chapters of suggestions from researchers & the author on how to see what is overwhelming the reader and ways to start to change for a less pressure-filled life. The last chapter is a quick 8 page appendix called "Do One Thing" that collects the findings of the book into one easy to read area.

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