Overwhelmed Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time By Schulte, Brigid Book - 2014

So, I read this book because it was recommended for my women's group, and I can't exactly relate. Basically, the gist of this book is that women need to just focus on what they can realistically do, reject society's expectations, and have egalitarian partners at the home to free women from doing work AND child rearing all by themselves. I do agree with some parts of this book, how it'd be great if businesses were more child friendly, if partners in relationships wouldn't just shove child rearing responsibilities over on the women and just do their own thing, but at the same time, personal responsibility comes into play. One should know that their job was demanding before one has children. Until work culture changes, I don't know if one can even whine about how not child friendly their employer is. If it wasn't before children, what lead you to believe that'd magically change? I don't believe in discriminating against women who bear children and want leave, but you should know your culture. Also, your mate not helping you clean. Don't wait until it gets so bad where you're overwhelmed and can't take it. Put your darn foot down and tell them you need help. Grow a back bone. If they won't help, that kinda just shows what kind of person he or she is, but ultimately, you picked that person. Unless your children are legit handicapped, please stop enabling them by trying to do everything. Teach some darn self sufficiency. The teaching's in this book aren't rocket science or ground breaking, but for those who are for some strange reason trapped in a cycle of being on 10 everyday, it can be helpful. One take away from this book, is that I'll probably keep a time, or brain dump diary with me, and also this book kinda puts traditional gender roles in a bad light, as if people who choose to do those things are somehow backward. Just like in the book how she mentions to cut it with the mommy wars, perhaps she should bash people who live different lifestyles beyond the ones she believes women are suppose to have.

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