Overwhelmed Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time By Schulte, Brigid Book - 2014

Time never changes. A week will always contain 168 hours. So the burning question lingers: in the face of never-ending responsibilities and constant access to information technology, how can we effectively manage our time without feeling swamped? Through meticulous and thoughtful research, Brigid Schulte reveals the areas in which humans waste the most time and offers concrete advice on how to reclaim lost moments.

"Overwhelmed" asserts that the notion of the "ideal worker" (a man who can devote hours to the task at hand) still dominates the workplace, discounting the millions of women trying to juggle a career and family life. Women constantly multitask and become fragmented and exhausted as a result. Thus, Schulte advocates for a system that would provide flexible hours, paid mat/pat leave and consideration of leisure time.

Schulte looks to the Danes for inspiration as they boast one of the best ratios of work-to-vacation time in the world. Supported by numerous examples, Schulte’s time-management ideas erase ambivalence and empower readers to enjoy moments rather than a madly dashing from one task to the next. Reading this eye-opening analysis certainly proves an effective use of time.

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