Bi Notes for A Bisexual Revolution By Eisner, Shiri Paperback - 2013

This text is not homophobic or toxic like wretchedearth suggests. Such a suggestion is biphobic and shows the need for texts like this that centre the bisexual experience. This is a perfect example of what this book talks about: “[B]isexuals often experience verbal violence within ‘LGBT’ communities when speaking out about bisexuality. For example, a recent study examining online discussions about bisexuality in an LGBT environment discovered that 55% of the comments contained some form (or evidence) of biphobia or monosexism, meaning it’s *far likelier* to encounter biphobic comments than to encounter support for bisexual people.” This isn’t to downplay the problem of homophobia, or to claim that bisexual oppression is worse. Just that it *exists* and comes from both the heterosexual community and the LGBTQ+ community. Bi erasure is real. Don’t participate in it. This book is interesting, eye opening, and well researched. It just also dares to centre nonmonosexual identities, which, again, are REAL.

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