Giordano Bruno
Giordano Bruno Philosopher/heretic By Rowland, Ingrid D. Book - 2008

Night is cold and sky is vain
A sight where the devil might have stood
About to witness a man thought insane
Engulfed by the fire and the wood

Giordano Bruno is the man at the seat
Reviled by the fearful souls
Harvesting seeds of darkness at his feet

His convictions solid and firm
Portentous from nature to find
Bringing reason to a worm
Failing to reach the human mind

Tears fall from the sky
Slight rain eases the burst
Giordano's cheek stays dry
Surpasing the need to feel thirst

As his body slowly fades, disappearing
Ashes scattered amidst the air
Can't help but think of his despair

Christ is a fake; world is not the center
Yells the voice of a dying breed
Perhaps the only shadow to accede
Such calamitous, groundbreaking creed

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