I really liked "Sicko". Yes, it has Moore's usual flamboyant arguments, but who's going to watch a movie laced with statistics & charts? However, here are a few which are relevant:
Fact (source: US 2012 Federal Budget):
Amount budgeted for the military - 60%, for health & human services - 7%. I for one am sicko of the U.S. being constantly at war and constantly trolling to start another one. Reminds me of Orwell's "1984".
I speak as someone who has lived in countries with national health systems (U.K. & Germany) and I can verify that they work very well. They're not perfect, but everyone receives good health care which is more than the USA can say; and they have longer life expectancies, and lower infant mortality rates. Insurance companies have spent a fortune to convince Americans that a national health system is bad i.e. "socialism." "Socialism" like Medicare or Social Security? The U.K. spends 8.2% of its GDP on health care, Germany spends 10.6%, Canada 10%. The USA spends 15.3% of its GDP with a large segment of its population not covered. Wake up America!

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