They Killed Our President

They Killed Our President

63 Reasons to Believe There Was A Conspiracy to Assassinate JFK

Book - 2013
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The fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of JFK brings news facts, theories, and myths to the forefront of the event. No stone is left unturned, no document left unread in this latest research effort by three respected authors of political intrigue.
Publisher: ©2013
New York, NY : Skyhorse Publishing, [2013]
ISBN: 9781626361393
Characteristics: xviii, 349 pages ; 24 cm


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Jan 12, 2018

" It was blatantly clear that Ruby and Oswald knew each other. This was the big elephant in the room, of the Warren Commission. Yet they continued to ignore it." "Ruby and Oswald shared connections to both the CIA, and the Mafia." " Ruby was ultra-connected to the Dallas Police Department." He used to comp them at his nightclub, the Carousel. He'd bring them free sandwiches, at headquarters, the building whose basement was the venue for his silencing of Oswald. This is not to say that a police officer fired the weapon which killed Kennedy. I don't believe in "Badge Man". the truth is so much simpler than that. Take a look for yourself at the Polaroid photos taken at the moment of impact with JFK's head. Can you get beyond the stigma of being a 'conspiracy theorist?' Don't let it scare you that the truth of that basic fact Is so plain to see, if you only use the good eyes your Lord Father gave to you, turn off your mind full of conditioning, and SEE. Children can see the obvious truth, why can't we? Is there really so much fear of the authoritarian interpreters-of-reality in America, that we are scared to say what is really there to be seen? Are Europeans braver than we are? Because they can see what is plainly to be seen, and they will talk about it, too. my fellow writers need not go to other countries, looking for assassins. Coordinators, too, were home-grown. Freedom also includes --to conspire. also, to cook up preposterous theories, such as the "Badge Man," higher on the knoll than the actual gunman, derived from detailed analysis of the very Polaroid taken from across the road from the gunman and his two henchmen ( who actually do a jig and leap for joy, after their missile impacts Kennedy's head). Don't assume Jackie was oblivious to Ladybird's and LBJ's joy, on Air Force 1. She had to hold herself together, and pretending not to notice was her 'how-to.' "At least four of Jack Ruby's dancers (Melba Christine Marcades, Marilyn Walle, Beverly Oliver, Janet Conforto) came forward after the assassination to say they clearly remembered Oswald sitting and talking to Ruby, in the nightclub." " Another Key Witness Conveniently Silenced: Johnny Roselli." " It's a frequent observation that it could not really have been a conspiracy that killed JFK, 'because someone would have talked.'.....'Three can keep a secret if two are dead.' "

Dec 29, 2016

I nominate Jesse Ventura for president of the Conspiracy Nut Jobs Club. This is a children's book. No adult would swallow this stuff.

Apr 23, 2015

The more a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it. - Orson Wells.

Jesse Ventura is a truth seeker. Like him, hate him, at least he his honest in his attempts to find the truth.

The vast majority of Americans are smart enough to reject the findings of the Warren Commission.

Many people wanted JFK dead, that is why the Dallas incident was a shooting gallery.

The Evil, that funded Germany's Nazi experience, walked out of the closet and, since then, has taken over the US gov. - which should be renamed CIA. corp. For it is no longer the gov. of the people. It has morphed into the gov of Mega Corporations.

LRS1969 Jan 26, 2015

Very good job, Jesse.

I have read numerous books on the JFK assassination (as well as that of Bobby Kennedy and MLK) and have found one of the best to be "Kill Shot:" by Craig Roberts.

Very interesting as it gets into the "nuts and bolts" of the shooting itself... as investigated by a former Vietnam War Marine sniper and career police officer who spent several years as a criminal investigator (detective) in a major city.

I would recommend as highly worth a track down via WorldCat or locating a reasonably priced used one possibly.

Miamiu1809 Jan 22, 2015

It takes a lot for me to believe in the unknown category. I am not a hunter but at 9 yrs. of age I know a headshot and what happens when it is from the front or back and that shot the kill was made from the right of the motorcade aka bushy knolls.
Why the medical records were doctored after the official autopsy was signed and completed. Many facts and research went into this book, overall I love a book that dares to challenge the reader to look up the facts and Jesse V. has a tone of them. Make up your mind be at peace with yourself.

Feb 26, 2014

You just had to watch LBJ's face on the plane returning JFK's body to Washington.. all that was missing was the high-fives!

Jackie Kennedy was in shock & didn't see the glee -which he was barely suppressing.

mind you the Dulles brothers were some piece of work.

...."Elected in 1951, Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz launched a land reform program, Degree 900, by confiscating almost 400,000 acres of unused United Fruit (now the Chiquita brand) land for redistribution to landless peasants. At that time, “only 10% of the land was available for 90% of the population, most of who[m] were Indians”. The United Fruit Company complained to the Eisenhower administration, claiming that Guatemala’s power of eminent domain had been used to unfairly seize its land, particularly infuriating United Fruit by the fact that Árbenz was only prepared to pay the U.S. corporation the artificially low price that United Fruit had assessed its own land for tax purposes, proof of the “evils of communism”.

....The valiant efforts of the Guatemalan Historical Clarification Commission,6 which the government initiated at the end of the war, identified the genocide in the Mayan communities. Unfortunately, the report did not soften the culture of violence and racism fueled for thirty years, the effects of which still linger today."

dianebarb Feb 26, 2014

Finally real answers to what really happened that day in Dallas...Jesse does a good job making it clear. Too late for anything to be done about it isnt it ? Good read..

Oct 15, 2013

The review states: "It should come as no surprise that Ventura rejects entirely the findings of the Warren Commission." Well, it should come as no surprise to ANYBODY WHO HAS EVER BOTHERED TO READ THE WARREN COMMISSION FINDINGS that they would reject it outright. This is an excellent read and take on the assassination, but for one disagreement [the logistics category] when Jesse states that the three tramps have been identified --- I don't care how so-called reliable that Houston Police artist is supposed to be, the fellow who she claims is Charles Harrelson, simply doesn't bear enough resemblance [completely different chins, et cetera], and Charles Rogers looks completely different from one of the tramps. And an enlargement of several photos which included the tall, lighter-haired fellow shows the outline of a walkie-talkie strapped to his calf.
The keywords to understanding what happened: Pfc. Eugene Dinkin - - - - Allen Dulles, his cousin, Tracy Barnes, William Harvey [former FBI], McGeorge Bundy - - - - the CIA's J. Walton Moore [former FBI] in Dallas, who reported to Tracy Barnes and ran George De Mohrenschildt, who ran Lee Oswald - - - - Jean Rene Souetre [France and OAS], Mozes Maschkivitzan [Belgium], Lazlo the Hungarian [OAS] and the CIA's Lucien Conein - - - - FBI SAC in Dallas, Forest Sorrels, who knew both Moore and Harvey from the FBI - - - - contractor, Robert Morrow, who was directed by Tracy Barnes to obtain four Mannlicher-Carcano rifles awhile prior to the assassination.


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