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Apr 01, 2019

FUN! My favorite. Enjoy.
Not about reality, but possibilities.
Well written, great actors.

I am a Prophet from God! The world will end very soon, but not like in the movie. We already had the flood, remember Noah. No this time it is by fire, just like the Holy Scriptures tell you how it will end. Solar eruption like in the class of solar flares, X 1,000,000. Ten million degrees heat, so yeah the elements will melt. Plus a mighty wind some 1 million mile per hour one. Flares take about three to four days to travel from the sun the Earth, so you will be informed of the event ahead of time.

Mar 03, 2018

A very lame plot. Too unbelievable. The plane could not have taken off with such a short time on the runway. Too many things to even mention weren't realistically feasible. There is no way he could have held his breath underwater in the engine room for 7 minutes.

Special effects were good in some places, others not.
The best thing about the movie was the little Japanese Chin dog. Too bad his owner got killed.

A long movie at 2.5 hours.

Jun 24, 2017

If you want "6 unbelievable things before breakfast" then watch 5 minutes of this film each morning for the next month.

Nov 26, 2016

Have you ever imagined when would be the end of the world ? And how would it end? Perhaps an earthquake, tsunami? Or all of the natural disasters destroying the world? 2012 is a movie based on the theory from a group of people called the marya (there are different ways of saying it). Though we are living in 2016 now, and we know that it wasn't true because it never happened, it is still a thrilling movie to enjoy. Watch earth get destroyed in less than one day by the attacks of nature... and be affected by the people and the sacrifice.
- @mockingbird of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Dec 15, 2015

Just loved it. Can watch it any number of times

Jun 27, 2015

Pop quiz: Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich? I know, tough choice. Bay makes dumber movies, but Emmerich has made the same disaster movie like 4 times and seems to take himself pretty seriously. He blew up the White House ("Independence Day"), destroyed New York City with a giant lizard ("Godzilla"), and flooded America ("The Day After Tomorrow"), so I guess destroying the world was the next logical step. "2012" dispenses with the climate change message of "Day After" and bases its story on a goofy prophecy that the world will end in 2012. And boy it does! There are so many CGI earthquakes, floods, and explosions, that they just should've make an animated film. A talented cast is entirely wasted. What happened to you John Cusack? He should've held up a boombox to stop the floods. At over 2.5 hours, it's only slightly shorter than the actual year 2012. Also, it was released in 2009 and it kind of rips of a "Simpsons" episode about the end of the world. What gives Roland? Plenty dumb, but not fun. "Armageddon" is better.

Apr 22, 2015

Another apocalypse movie, this one triggered by a change in the sun. All the usual suspects manage the effort to save a few individuals as specimens of humanity. Namely politicians and scientists, plus billionaires who sneaked around and bought tickets on the arks. Common folks just didn't make the cut when it came to the survival of the species. Fun, interesting movie worth the watching. Says a lot about what it is to be a human being I suppose.

Jul 29, 2014

The special effects didn't look real. Too many yee-hah ridiculous moments. I believe the actors and actresses involved in this movie were embarrassed to be part of it - but sometimes you got to do what you have to do to rake the $$$ in.

Jun 01, 2014

Suspend any level of scientific knowledge that you have and just go with this total disaster porn movie. Good times! It is a little long, though.

deadpoollover May 26, 2014

this movie is very good! very well made! the special effects are just amazing!!!

Apr 26, 2014

That 2012 is two years past makes no difference. This WAKE UP CALL to humanity is perennial perfection.
Special effects are BRILLIANT.

Mar 22, 2014

Excellent diaster movie, great special effects, would recommend it. Watch this and "The Day After Tommorow"

Oct 13, 2013

2012 is just a tremendous upset of a movie I think the only thing that really got this movie anywhere is by the fact that woody Harrelson and Danny glover was in this movie as surprisingly a side actor which baffled me because the main actors weren’t all that good in my opinion this movie isn’t very believable and a little cliché its still a little humorous if you think about it of course the fake factory is in a mountain which make no sense because of all the pressure the whole thing would’ve collapsed on top of them in a instance and when there “ swimming “ in the engine he holds his breathe for a solid seven minutes which isn’t humanly possible you would need a oxygen tank to hold your breathe that long or constantly come back up for air every two minutes but no because this is logical he holds it for seven minutes straight. Also as in most in all disaster movies the father’s son doesn’t like him at all as always way to go guy’s way to keep the garbage tradition. I think the highlight of this whole movie is that it wasn’t longer than it had to be. This movie featured john Cusack, Amanda Peet, Thandie Newton, Danny Glover, woody Harrelson, Morgan lily, and Liam James. The effects were good the acting was slightly believable and the overall performance was barely exceptional my star rating on this movie is half a star and I’m being generous.

Jul 10, 2013

For all those folks complaining about this movie not being "believable:" Did you really get this movie expecting realism??? I mean, the trailers show California sinking into the ocean. Watch and enjoy it for what it was: A couple hours of amazing special effects and a riot of fun with kind of a story thrown in for good measure. If you want a "serious" sci-fi story, go read Asimov or Niven. Loved this movie. It was a blast. *grin*

Jun 04, 2013

Great movie. Some things aren't geologically correct, but other things (amazingly) are. I would recommend watching the deleted scenes, they have some things in there that they should have left in. The whole plane taking off on a crumbling runway gets kind-of old, but the movie is other wise pretty exiting, and makes you think.

Nov 27, 2012

The precession of the equinox over glamorized.

Red_Sox Nov 10, 2012

Definate choice to watch with a "Day after Tomorrow"for a double feature. Story a little weak but great disaster movie special effects. Gonna need a BIgBIg tv to appreciate this movie.

Sep 16, 2012

what a let down. just a crap script w/ pretty good special effects and improbability that ruins the whole thing. *sigh*

aaa5756 Aug 02, 2012

Very well done movie. A pleasure to watch. I would recommend this movie for all to see. No fast forwarding on this one. A++ DVD

Jul 27, 2012

Now THAT's how you destroy a city!!! I laughed, I cried, I marvelled at the beauty of the end of the world. I almost didn't watch this because I thought it would be horrible, but it was more fun than Harry Potter and Star Wars combined. The pace never lets up, without being nothing-but-special-effects, the acting was good (enough), the characters were all likeable in their own way. It had giraffes and corgis. If you like the optimism of 1950s science fiction, you'll like this movie. Warning: it's not scientifically believeable in any way. This movie's humanity-in-the-face-of-disaster theme. reminded me of "War of the Worlds", only "2012" is way way way way better.

Missumuch Jul 26, 2012

I just liked reading everyone else's comments on this, they were so hilarious. That said, I saw it once and was exausted by the time we reached the middle of the film, forget the ending. It cant really happen like that, it was insane. No one would live through it. I couldn't even keep up with all the disasters it was so blinding.
So: a good movie/ thats it. Don't eat before watching.

Quimeras Jul 26, 2012

This exciting and suspenseful doomsday film is well-worth watch watching simply for its awesome special effects/cinematography.

kevdude101 Jul 06, 2012

it was a great movie

Apr 20, 2012

According to the Mayan calendar the world was predicted to end on 12/21/12. In the movie 2012 that prediction becomes a reality as a massive solar flare causes the Earth's core to boil and the crust to crumble.The special effects are interesting but the storyline is preposterous and the leading character's near death escapes are totally unbelievable.

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