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Aug 21, 2020

Smallfoot is a surprisingly good movie to most people. Staring an amazing cast Danny DeVito, Zendaya, LeBron James, and James Corden. This movie touches themes like curiosity, kindness, fear, and speaking up for yourself. Migo is a lovable but naive yeti. He finds a smallfoot but he is kicked out from the village because he called the leader a liar. He proves he wasn't lying but learns why the village leader lies about where they live. I would recommend this for five year olds and up. This movie has some mild rude humor. The movie has an amazing soundtrack. Recommend to watch with the whole family.

Jun 03, 2020

This movie wasn't great. The music wasn't very good, the story-line lacked and the main character wasn't really likable. The movie was predictable and didn't have any great moments. Kids will probably like the silliness but I wouldn't waste time on watching it.

Jun 28, 2019

Funny and enjoyable film that plants the seed of atheism in viewers who are too young for Christopher Hitchens.

May 28, 2019

Family entertainment. Makes for a good bedtime story while also presenting morals enlightenment. Quality anime. Nice that director stayed almost true to the Yeti location by keeping Asian township & human locals - not 100% accurate.
Good tunes. Rerun test: worth watching again.

I watched this movie in teathers i wanted to watch this movie cause Zandaya stars in it and my brother said Danny Devito is as the monster it was a very funny movie and good this movie is all about a yetee who finds out that humans are real the way he was thinking it remined me of brother bear i said in theathers and i watched Ready Player One ed it in school they laughed so did we when we fall from the butt of a giant sky yak people laughed a kid him him slef in the head i said wearid my brother laughed we laughed that 1 monsters breaks the ice then falls the other one does it to and falls toopeople laughed that he said he doesn't like talking about doug people laughed when he said did i mench gotta keep the feet up nouck i head shut up people laughed how meny times he was laughing people laughed that a monster said he saw small foot one yoy one they said what people laughed at the yeak screamed it could eat my house they laughed when he said himalayas it reminded me of monsters inc. i said in theathers i thought small foot is a monster not a man but the dvd you have on screen does not look it that i thought ut would but it does not i thought it would be in stores like that but no they laughed a her percy was pretending the spinder is attacking i thought he was really scared untill he said how was that a guy said thats why i don't watch i thought he just thought the guy is going crazey because he says noones watching i think people laughed how a guy was acting crazey when he said let me buy you a drink remined me of T-pain's song Buy You A Drink a flem said is this to close people laughed this when she said scs it remined me of my school ACS stand for smallfoot exist 6 suckers he people laughed they laughed bunch of crap if you ask me the Frozen snowflak remines me of Frozen i said he ask if they have a plan and she said ofcrouse we have a plan they laughed he said it was nice knowing you they laughed at him saying if you die can i have all your worldly possession it remines me when i die you stay away from my funarole from Spongebob and from Arthur if you don't make it D.W can we have your toys right sorry when you die they laughed so did we people laughed he screamed stoped screamed then sream again people laughed the goat said hi and screamed when eagle took the goat away people laughed he was trying to get in the plane and he thought it was a pilet do did we but it was a ghost and it seamed everyone laughed so we did too i thoughthe flew but he didn't he said aw and people laughed it fell down the rock hey its the same sign like we have new our stores he said himalas again it remines me of Monsters ice i said in theathers hey i wrth that in my Jernail ooze i said ot oons when i was a kid people laughedat lisa will you merry me the he grabd a mcachphone people laughed from the guy whowas peroposing a lady laughed at the goat she said what a stupied goat soon the moster found a adat carry a shose from smallfoot i thoughted he will smale only not showing his teeth i thought he will be scared but he thought it was Brenda in costume people laughed he growed cause people laughed he growed cause he didn't understand him he thought she put a sound effec in it they laughed that he poped a guys tooth out is that subpose to come out and he put it back in i think people laughed is that a Billzard and then he got a funny face and it was blowing him away i think they laughed he was frozen when he took him out of a bag and hitting him to unfreeze and try to rub hi together they laughed that he was tiedip and rolling him above a fire and said how is that nice and tosty all the way arownd and he ask if hes cold he can see why he has no fur they laughed and he has a cocon for him he said people laughed that a bear said she was trying to sleep with her cubs and her husband it remines me big fella whale because he said big fella like in Finding Nemo I have it on VHS from 2003

Feb 25, 2019

My kids loved this movie, I was the poopy-head that kept muttering “humans will enslave/destroy the yetis, as they have the environment”.

It’s a happy go lucky film about yeti’s in their perfectly ignorant world where peace & prosperity flourish, thinking is suppressed, the elders keep secrets (Moana). Curiosity is dangerous, hence it’s interesting to a few rabble rousers who are considered conspiracy nuts, and banished.

Good for kids, as it shows an ideal situation where bad things happen with knowledge, but everyone turns around and hopes for a better future. Kids should be exposed to idealism, particularly with realist parents like me.

The animation was engaging and the town set up like it was based upon Berk.

The music wasn’t Disney-ballad-awful, but also not at the level of Trolls or Sing.

Overall, a cute movie that my family should have seen without mom the curmudgeon.

Feb 24, 2019

The movie was not too bad and had it's funny part. However, I noticed that some of the characters was most likely dreamed up from another movie called Pottersville which was released in 2017. So some of the mockery of Pottersville made in the movie small foot I could recognize and get the humour. However, I did not care for the movie Pottersville.

Feb 19, 2019

This movie was a bit underwhelming, the music was okay but I did not like the story as much as I was hoping based on the concept. Overall the story flowed in a choppy way and the ending was very abrupt, it felt like it needed a happy ending in a rush without bothering to build up the story to get there naturally. Additionally I did not find the main human character to be very likable.

Feb 16, 2019

OMG I Always Wanted To See This Movie Cause It Looks Really Sweet And Also I Love The Songs That Niall Horan Dose For This Movie

Feb 15, 2019

My family was enchanted by this movie. Who wouldn't want to experience life in a village of friendly yetis with big personalities? The movie has enjoyable music, beautiful animation, cute characters, laugh-out-loud humor, and an interesting storyline. The film upholds the values of integrity, honesty, curiosity, and friendship. It received a positive review in the Saint Anthony Messenger magazine.

Feb 05, 2019


Migo, Percy and a few other characters get thumped around quite a bit in pratfalling, tumbling ways. Migo crashes down a rocky mountainside, for instance. He and his father bash head-first into that aforementioned large gong, as well as a huge stone column. And Percy's small, vulnerable human size is played for laughs on a couple of bruising occasions—once, for example, when the large Migo tries to revive him and accidentally knocks one of his teeth out. In another scene, an unprotected Percy freezes solid in the icy cold, and Migo "helpfully" tries to thaw him by turning Percy on a spit over a roaring fire.

In other scenes, some yeti accidentally smash a human town and detonate a warehouse full of fireworks. Some of the frightened humans take an openly aggressive stance toward the yetis, pointing guns at a group of the furry beasts and firing at them with an armed helicopter. (The Stonekeeper downs the potentially deadly craft by throwing some of his stones at it.)

We see a carved montage on a stone wall that depicts a battle between humans and yeti. Yeti are shown dead on the ground with spears in them. The Stonekeeper tells a story of how humans killed the yeti and drove them away. A plane crashes into a mountainside and then slips over the side of a cliff to be smashed to bits far below. (Its pilot, however, survives.)

Four or five exclamations of "oh my gosh" join uses of "stupid," "crap," "sucka'," "blimey" and "holy wowness!"

Percy offers to buy someone a drink at a local watering hole called the Yak Shak. We see the guy later with a metal mug in his hand.

Both Migo and Percy get hit by tranquilizer darts. In Percy's case, it knocks him out cold. Migo stumbles around with a slightly loopy stagger after being drugged.

We hear a number of running toilet-humor gags throughout the film. For instance, some yeti members of the Smallfoot Evidentiary Society discover what they consider to be mysterious Smallfoot artifacts—one of which is a roll of toilet paper. They call it the scroll of invisible wisdom. Percy takes that roll off behind a snowbank at one point, and a watchful yeti quips about what happens next (off camera): "It's not wisdom. And it's definitely not invisible."

Several yetis, as well as Percy, tell lies. The movie, however, makes it clear that lying isn't a good or moral choice.

Jan 30, 2019

I really enjoyed this one. Plus it is also good to discuss the moral of the story especially with kids.

Jan 09, 2019

I thought this was quite good, and I do recommend parents watch it with their children...may be a little beyond understanding for 5 and under. Does have a multifaceted story line, and the characters reminded me of actual people I interacted with over the years in job settings.

Dec 27, 2018

I really wanted to see this movie when it was in the theatre but life was really busy at the time. I look forward to when it comes in! :)

Gina_Vee Dec 27, 2018

I thought this was an adorable movie. I do agree to pay attention to the "PG" rating, though, because there may be some things adults might need to explain to children while watching this movie, but I think it has a few great life lessons.

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