The Martian Chronicles

The Martian Chronicles

Paperback - 2012
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Feb 22, 2018

Ray Bradbury was an author that transcends so many timelines. The Martian Chronicles is an amazing piece that puts you in the scene and makes you think way outside your personal box. I recommend this book for teenagers & adults.

Jan 26, 2018

A wonderful little book. Despite being written decades ago, the futuristic themes are not only still plausible but are still being actively pursued (or feared) to Mars, fully automated houses, AI, nuclear war, etc. Often times you read a science fiction book from a previous generation and everything sounds antiquated, because it is, or everything sounds fantastical, because it will probably never happen. The Martian Chronicles, in many ways, is still fresh today. If you like this genre, you must read it.

Sep 22, 2017

It was an odd start, and I was a bit hesitant to read it at first, but after the first few stories it became one of the best books I have read. So poetic and insightful, so beautiful. I could not put this book down, and it placed Ray Bradbury as one of my favorite authors.

nathanielsoria Apr 11, 2017

Ray Bradbury was way ahead of his time. This book put him on the top of my favorite author's list. His brevity is punctual and effective. He gives you just enough to let your imagination fly. And yet, the words chosen by his characters, can make you cry or be filled with rage.

"Martian Chronicles" is a tragic look into the world's future of space exploration, with one foot in the past, hinting back at America's Manifest Destiny or other Empire's notions of divine right to conquer. Not many heroes emerge in the series of short stories. One thread that connects them all, Mars– both Native Martian life and Earth-Martian life. The collision of Earth's exploration is tragic, but what's even more tragic is the after-thought Earthlings give to their native predecessors. A still relevant story for the modern reader.

As a filmmaker, this book was inspiring on so many levels. I only dream and hope to weave a good narrative like Bradbury. His work is incredible. I highly recommend.

cmlibrary_ecrites Nov 28, 2016

This was one of my earliest experiences with science fiction and is a book that I return to again and again. I am always reminded why I connected with it initially while finding new things to love about it each time.

Nov 20, 2016

This is a super fun and poignant sci fi book. It's a collection of different stories, surrounding different characters, presented through the timeline of humans' colonization of Mars. I like the aspect of martian telepathic communication, and how that affects humans and what they choose to consider real. There are some really funny parts, and some really pessimistic parts, especially when the future humans are looking back at the Earth's consuming wars and ignorant environmental practices. This book is more poetic than most sci fi, without too much details of the technology or science, and more about the feelings of the characters. A great read for anyone who likes the classics, science fiction, or drama.

Jun 13, 2016

A wonderful collection of short stories intertwined into the perfect novel about Mars. Throughout The Martian Chronicles, Bradbury tackles the subjects of atomic warfare, censorship, imperialism, and much more in the most humorous way. As quick a read as it is entertaining, I would rank it quite high amongst Bradbury's catalogue of books. Being his first published novel, I imagine the short story, in The Martian Chronicles, about censorship and book burning led to his eventual classic Fahrenheit 451. I'd highly recommend anyone read this book.

ChristchurchLib Apr 05, 2016

These interconnected short stories describe Earth's colonization of Mars, from the first expedition ships to the establishment of permanent settlements to the conflicts that arise between Earthlings and Martians -- and their far-reaching repercussions. One of the late Ray Bradbury's most beloved and enduring works, The Martian Chronicles blends thought-provoking scenarios and evocative descriptions of both the red planet and its inhabitants.

Veepea Apr 16, 2015

I liked how Ray Bradbury tightened up the story of The Martian Chronicles when he adapted it into a play. He tweaked only a few details, but it really made it more cohesive and logical, with a better flow. A nice, fantastical story, but bittersweet.

Feb 27, 2015

A disjointed book. With some very interesting and imaginative descriptions.
Nice short and enclosed chapters makes it a good read for quick breaks.

Jan 21, 2015

Classic Bradbury. Excellent. This novel was so good they made a movie which was also....excellent, though a little cheapish in view of production values. I don't know why another reviewer said it was underappreciated and "less known" as far as I know it was one of his better known and much appreciated works, they made a movie of it!

NYPLRecommends Jul 28, 2014

NYPL Staff Pick
Mars! Present day humans are signing up for the no-return trip by the thousands. These short stories were originally published in pulp magazines in the 40s. Utopian -- not dystopian -- sci-fi meets the novel of stories genre. It’s all in there.
- Lynn Lobash, Readers Advisory

Jun 06, 2014

This book reads like a collection of short stories, each one of these filling in more of the picture, from the first landing of Mars to it's abandonment.

It seems odd to me that I've managed to go so long without ever reading anything by Bradbury but maybe after reading this book I should just be happy I've got all the rest of his books still to read.

Jul 06, 2013

Although one of his less known works and thoroughly underappreciated, The Martian Chronicles is a space epic with a plot similar to that of settlers conquering Native Americans. It strike the emotions in every chapter.

Jul 15, 2012

I read this book years ago and decided to pick it up again in honor of Bradbury's passing. A beautiful cycle of stories, written in a poetic, dreamlike way. When I first read it, I was a little disappointed that it didn't read like most science fiction, but now I really appreciate it.

Jul 03, 2012

Just a fantastic fun read. This is something I'll probably pick up and read again and again. RIP

Jun 26, 2012

Re-reading after thirty or so years, and remembering the fire-balloons and the lava tables and the bee guns. Brown-skinned they were and golden eyed, the coin-eyed Martians. Wearing silver masks. The title of one story Ylla is used by Greg Bear in " Moving Mars", which was dedicated to Ray Bradbury.
I did remember the flavor if not the content of most of the stories.
Returned the book on June 1 and Ray Bradbury died June 5, 2012. Weird.
Definitely a classic early Bradbury, poetical rather than scientific, first published as a collection in 1950 but written in the 1940s.

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