The Bourne Supremacy

The Bourne Supremacy

DVD - 2010
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Jan 21, 2018

I thought this was a decent film in the series.

Jan 02, 2018

Directed by Paul Greengrass in 2004, this American-German action spy thriller depicts the life of Jason Bourne, a former CIA assassin suffering from psychogenic amnesia.
Preceded by "The Bourne Identity (2002)" and followed by "The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)", this second installemnt focuses on his attempt to learn more of his past as an agent involved in the CIA-Operation Treadstone.
You would be extremely thrilled by the high-speed car chase and fast-paced sequences.
I absolutely enjoyed it to the hilt.
However, the anti-climax is the last scene, in which Jason Bourne tells the truth to a Russian girl.
This scene appears so unnatural and ill-contrived that I feel so ashamed on behalf of the script-writer, director and producer.

Mar 05, 2017

In The Bourne Supremacy we see Matt Damon reprise his role as the titular character, two years after the events of The Bourne Identity. Living an idyllic life with Marie Kreutz -- his love interest -- in India, Bourne is plagued by flashes of his past operations in dreams that disturb his mental scape. Soon enough, the couple's life is uprooted by Abbott in a plot to cover up his long standing corruption with a Russian oil oligarch. Marie dies in an attempt on Bourne's life and he is forced to go on the run with only one goal in mind -- revenge. The movie does not disappoint in employing the franchise's usual high speed action and changing geographical landscapes. A new high ranking CIA level is also introduced; one who is interested in uncovering the truth and prepared to do her job to the best of her ability. 3 out of 5 stars. A worthy continuation of the spy saga.
- @TheEccentric of the Teen Review Board of the Hamilton Public Library

Dec 08, 2016

While nothing like the novel which takes place in Hong Kong instead of Europe (the only similarities being Bourne, Marie sort of, and a Bourne impostor) it's still an excellent film. Good action, good suspense, good plot. Well worth it for fans of Jason Bourne, just don't be expecting the plot of the novel.

Sep 15, 2016

waste of time. will turn in tomorrow.

Jul 08, 2016

The DVD I got was faulty rendering it impossible to actually see the film

May 25, 2016

Jason Bourne, in this second part of the trilogy, still has some way to go to determine what parts of his life have been nearly erased from his memory. Thus the audience partners with Bourne as he desperately seeks to learn the secrets of his past life. The revelations that slowly drip out make the film quite good.

Oct 11, 2014

The retelling, in a fictionalized setting, of events which actually took place [Google the Church Committee sometime]; substitute ZR/RIFLE for Treadstone, and you'll understand: assassins situated at various major cities throughout Europe [and possibly South America] utilized by the CIA within the CIA to disrupt liberal governments!
The second in a trilogy of the three best spy films ever made. James who?

Jul 18, 2014

Better than the first. Very well done solid acting. Fight scenes are intense and brutal. And the chases are outstanding. Some very shocking deaths and a lot of thrills. A must watch for action fans

Sep 14, 2013

Payback is coming, get 'em Jason! What a great series.

Aug 20, 2013

I liked the Moscow car chase sequence.

Jul 21, 2013

A film best viewed after Bourne Identity. Resolves one plot line while setting up a hook for the next film.

lasertravis Sep 11, 2012

Very good sequel to the first film. Kept a very good pace and continued the story from the stopping point of the first one. Very good action sequences and well acted overall. More or less the same movie as the first, so not as impressive because we've seen it all before. That being said, still a good spy action/thriller.

Jun 29, 2012

Great as Bourne Identity and to be followed by Bourne Ultimatum. Watched them before but better on 1080p and great all in a row.

N4man89 Jun 26, 2012

Great movie! I just don't like how they leave the ending open.

aaa5756 Jun 17, 2012

Very well done movie I would recommend this movie for all to see. No fast forwarding on this one. A++ DVD

Mar 20, 2012


Feb 02, 2012

An exceptional action film.

Dec 17, 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed the storytelling and excitement factor of these movies.

It was not overacted and I can see why Matt Damon did as well as he did with this series.

Jul 20, 2011

The Bourne supremacy ---- by DVD - 2004, Based on the novel by Robert Ludlum. ---- screenplay by Tony Gilroy ; directed by Paul Greengrass ---- Performers: Matt Damon, Franka Potente, Brian Cox, Julia Stiles, Karl Urban, Gabriel Mann, Joan Allen. ---- These intense stories and Movies are awesome and are an excellent following! ---- Enjoy! ---- RichardPaul

May 11, 2011

There wasn't much to not like about it! Just an all round well-done series! Good actors (it really added to effect that most of them were moderately no-name actors), amazing directing (Paul Greengrass is epic!). The constant change in locations, languages and that Bourne could master it all to always be ahead of the system just takes our definition of a modern-day hero to the next level. Loved the bonus features on the DVD, fun to watch.

Mar 29, 2011

Better than the first movie.

Mar 11, 2011

This movie was fantastic. It went along with the book pretty well. I've enjoyed all the movies in this series. Great action scenes. well directed, and acted. This trilogy is a must see!

Slavomir Dec 13, 2010

Second movie in Bourne trilogy, Bourne is flushed from his hideout in Goa and determined to find those who are trying to find and eliminate him. More action than the last movie and the car chase sequences in Moscow are superb - the movie makers developed an entirely new type of vehicle in order to film these original car chase scenes - better than Bourne's in Paris or in the movie, Ronin. Thrilling.

Sep 04, 2010

This is my least favourite Bourne film. I think that Matt Damon is fantastic as Jason Bourne and the action scenes are great. So, yeah, it's not the best Bourne film, but who cares? It's fun to watch! But pay attention, or else you might not enjoy it too much.

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