The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man

DVD - 2009
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Nov 14, 2017

Cult classic !!!!! Edward Woodward is spectacular as usual. The inspiration for Burning Man~ 420

Oct 25, 2017

A truly unique horror movie, one of the odd handful throughout history that doesn't really seem to have been influenced by anything and has no obvious heirs, not even its own remake.

Oct 23, 2017

Exceptional movie- a Pagan Horror film with a haunting and lively score, and excellent performances from Edward Woodward, Ingrid Pitt, and Christopher Lee. A must see for true horror fans ( and the movie is superior to the remake in every way ).

Oct 23, 2017

Robin Hardy’s cult classic has been described by one critic as the "Citizen Kane" of British horror and while I can’t agree with such lofty praise I did find it to be a wickedly entertaining piece of gothic camp. The counter-cultural juxtaposition of old school paganism with prim and proper British sensibilities is almost satirical with the police detective's starched uniform and pious ways sticking out among the semi-naked flower children chanting silly folk songs as they dance around maypoles and rut in the moonlight. This idea of otherwise 20th century people clinging to iron age superstitions is certainly reminiscent of Shirley Jackson’s "The Lottery" (or one can simply look at any modern day religious fanaticism) and that infamous scene from whence the film derives its title brings terror to a surreal level indeed. So reviled by the head of British Lion Films that he supposedly buried the original full-length negatives, then subsequently attacked by singer Rod Stewart who also wanted it destroyed after he discovered his then girlfriend Britt Ekland had nude scenes, it’s a wonder that any “uncut” version of Hardy’s film exists at all. Sadly, years of misplaced stock and haphazard splicing have taken their toll as is apparent in the movie’s choppy editing and uneven pacing—and those musical numbers are pure kitsch. A highly engaging oddity nevertheless, forever stuck in the 70s yet still able to speak to a new generation.

Apr 11, 2017

After giving myself some time to reflect on this movie I have to say it was interesting trying to figure out where the move was going. It had many twists and turns especially the ending. I am glad I did not turn it off at the beginning as I was tempted to do. A solid 3 rating for this movie.

Marinetti Aug 29, 2016

A great horror movie with a unique pagan storyline.

Nov 25, 2015

Britt Ekland's nudity and sensuality, although greatly appreciated, is not enough to keep this stinker afloat. And what a goofy ending.

Jul 26, 2015

First to address a few rather ignorant comments. Of course, this is not a family movie. Check the ratings yo. And secondly, while it has elements of horror, it's not a traditional horror movie and so it's your fault if you had expectations of it being scary. If you get past this, you'll find "The Wicker Man" to be one of the strangest and most unsettling cult movies of the 70s. Edward Woodward ("The Equalizer") plays a stiff, Christian police officer who investigates the disappearance of a girl on an island, only to be confronted and challenged by the community's bizarre pagan practices. The late, great Christopher Lee plays the charismatic leader, Britt Ekland is the sexy innkeeper's daughter, and Ingrid Pitt ("The Vampire Lovers") is another villager. For those who like their horror weird, this is a feast. Written by Anthony Shaffer (brother of playwright Peter) and directed by Robin Hardy. A terrible remake with Nic Cage came out some years ago.

Oct 09, 2014

I had very high expectations for this film, both as a well regarded film and as a work of Anthony Shaffer. I thought it was mostly dull and kept waiting for it to get started. The ending is very creepy in an atypical horror film way, but overall I was bored.

Mar 09, 2013

Enjoyable. Not terrifying unless you are highly sympathetic to cops and/or Christians. Britt Eckland -- wow

Mar 04, 2013

christopher lee is always worth watching no matter what.

THUD55 Jan 01, 2013

the DVD I saw had some skips and jumps on it at several places especially at the end. this made the ending less than scary. it was a good thriller and better than the Nick Cage movie I saw a few years ago.

insane_smurf Dec 27, 2012

brilliant. much better than the feeble copy with nic cage. true to the british pagan beliefs

Dec 26, 2012

Definitely not what I was expecting. Kinda cheezy, but not bad. Apparently it's achieved cult classic status to some, but I don't see myself watching this again. Britt Ekland wasn't so difficult to withstand, though. (lol)

Aug 08, 2012

Terrific and atmospheric Brittish horror film from 1973 with one of the most memorable finales of the genre.

jessica_wirth Jul 28, 2011

DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!!! I failed to see what the big deal was. An interesting sociological look at norms of a small island in Scotland, for sure. Tons of totally 70's style nudity, absolutely. Frightening... not so much. My expectations were much higher for this film.

SBWy2739 Jul 04, 2011

this movie contains VERY graphic nudity. Acting is absolutely terrible. This is definitely NOT a family film.

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