Flash of Genius

Flash of Genius

DVD - 2009
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Apr 20, 2017

Flash of Genius is more interesting than you might expect a movie centered around windshield wipers to be. The cast and underdog story are good. It will make you think more about an invention you may have taken for granted, some of the perils of being an inventor and the challenges of fighting a big corporation. Watch for Tatiana Maslany, lead actress in the Orphan Black television series, in a small role. Flash of Genius is rated PG-13 for brief strong language.

Quimeras Sep 16, 2015

“Flash of Genius” is one of the best films I’ve seen in a while. It should resonate with anyone who has ever created something from their own imagination and with their own hands, whether it is a machine or a work of art, etc.

Jul 23, 2015

Very enjoyable watch.

Jun 12, 2015

This is a 2008 American biographical film directed by Marc Abraham.
It is about Dr. Robert Kearns and his legal battle against the Ford Motor Company when they developed an intermittent windshield wiper based on ideas the inventor had patented.
At trial, Dr. Kearns represents himself after attorney Gregory Lawson withdraws from the case, because Robert refuses to settle.
Eventually Kearns' ex-wife and children support him in his endeavor.
Toward the end of the trial, Ford offers Kearns a US$30 million settlement, but without admitting wrongdoing.
Kearns declines the settlement.
It is a really excellent little-guy-fights-the-giant movie.

NewYorkViews Feb 15, 2015

Interesting true-based historical story of Dr./Professor Robert Kearns' invention for a car, and the big corporate giant that tried to steal it as a freebie, and the impact to Kearns and his family. Great script, well acted, decent scenes, clear and eventful, but not very fast paced.

Oct 14, 2014

A good movie, not a great film, but a reality-based story typical of the history of invention in America, where the inventions of Philo Farnsworth [TV] and Edwin Armstrong [FM frequency] are stolen by Sarnoff, and Chester Gould has his laser stolen from him, essentially, as well as Chester Carlson and the Xerox process theft. So typical, and wasn't it Sears which stole the wratchet wrench from a young inventor? It never stops . . . the local Seattle media posited that with 747 laid off Microsoft employees, maybe there'd be more startups; but given their history, we'll probably be stuck with 747 more patent troll scammers! And let us never forget the reneging of Thomas Edison when Nikola Tesla fulfilled their agreement with his achievement, then would later try to undercut and supplant Tesla's AC current, but Tesla and Westinghouse bested him, making Tesla the father of the power grid!

Aug 03, 2014

good story, useful message about the whole boot straps, if you only just work a little harder American Dream myth...but it just felt too long.

Jul 24, 2013

I saw the start of the movie and I did not like the movie I did not finish the movie this is not for children to watch

Mar 05, 2012

A man obsessed with 'right' and 'wrong'. With receiving deserving credit for HIS creation. So obsessed that he jeopardizes his marriage, his family, his career... all for his convictions; for recognition -- not money. David vs. Goliath. Dr. Robert Kearns, inventor, had amazing character and tenacity. Reminiscent of another brilliant man, Preston Tucker, who challenged the big three in the '40s with his own original automobile design. Greg Kinnear delivers an exceptional portrayal of him. Supporting cast, writing, etc... terrific. Great, great story. FIVE STARS.

Jan 10, 2012

Very inspirational story, and great casting.

Sep 06, 2011

The corporate industries "advocate, FINANCE, fund-raise, contribute" to make laws to protect their patents & products from piracy & license infrequent.
And yet, the same corporate industries pry, steal & infringe on patents from inventors, who couldn't fight back to the powers of the corporate industries.

Though he paid too much of a price to win his patent back, finally, an ordinary man, took it upon himself, to prove the corporate powers of the day are not as invincible as they consider themselves to be.


Jul 05, 2011

Good movie. Read more online about Robert Kearns.

Oct 13, 2010

This story was interesting. Its the story of the man who invented the automatic windshield wipers for cars. See my summary for more

Sep 16, 2010

Great movie.

May 14, 2009

Must See – Flash of Genius (2008) 112 min. Greg Kinnear, who should’ve received an Oscar nomination for acting in this picture, plays Bob Kearns, an casual inventor who developed the intermittent wiper used in cars today. The time is the early 1960s and the Ford Motor Company stole his invention, or did they? This story is more than a court-room drama, the main theme of this film is obsession and how much one is willing to sacrifice in order to achieve recognition. At first, I found myself not really appreciating what this man was willing to sacrifice; all for an intermittent wiper? But as the film progresses, I found myself completely empathetic to him and his family; especially his wife. This is a wonderful film that plays homage to all inventors out there. The film ends with a note on the screen, as the film fades to black, which is truly moving.

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